Friday, June 24, 2011

How our mind works!

I had a dream this morning before waking. I dreamt that I was at a coffee house, like a Starbucks, meeting some old high school friends, who I don't know. (1st clue this is about my weight loss journey, as my TSFL coach is the wife of a high school friend). I took one bite of a sample and as I was about to swallow it I remembered that I could not eat that!!! I tried to spit is out into a napkin, but it had dissolved and gone down into my tummy, I guess! LOL Then I realized that I was drinking a drink that was packed full of sugar and calories!!!! Where, oh where, do these dreams come from?? :) Honestly, our mind is a funny thing sometimes.

Needless to say, I was happy to wake up and find out that I was still on my weight loss journey and I had not sabotaged it with empty calories! :) My kidney stones appear to have passed and I am feeling much better. I had a hungry day yesterday, so decided to have an optional snack. I chose 3 celery sticks and cut them into thin slices and sat down to eat them slowly. That did the trick until dinner and satisfaction the rest of the day. :) I actually tried Morningstar veggies burgers last night as I could have 2 of them! lol And I did enjoy them seasoned up a bit and eaten with a nice green salad spritzed with a balsamic vinaigrette.

Tonight is the first dinner out on my weight loss journey. But I am going prepared and believe me, I have to be prepared. This is a buffet! But it is a seafood buffet and I know it. I have been picturing 7 oz of crab as I am allowed that. So dinner tonight will be 7 oz crab with a nice lettuce salad with cherry tomatoes and my allowance of black olives. (With crab I am allowed 2 healthy fat servings and olives are one of my choices.) The other healthy fat will be in the form of my vinaigrette spritzed on my salad. I will have some Molly McButter to sprinkle on my crab and I will be just a happy as a bug in a rug! :) The planning of this may have been what triggered my dream! haha... But with the strength of the Lord going before me, I am confident that this will be all go well. Tomorrow is my weigh day and I am looking forward to seeing what the scales have to say after week 2! Got my game on!!!!

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Crafty Sue said...

Hope you enjoy your buffet!
Enjoy your weekend!