Thursday, June 30, 2011


I listened to a video this morning of Wynonna singing "I Can only Imagine."  Beautiful song and she shares some real emotion as she begins the song.  But she said something that spoke to my heart - "Honey, let 'em see the brokenness.  That is how the Light shines out!"  What great words!  God wants our authenticity, not our facade of Christianity.  We are real people, with real problems, real lives!  We struggle with everything out there!  Me, with my weight issues, struggles at work, etc!  That is how others see Christ IN us!  When we FACE the issues, when we express how we fail and how CHRIST picks us up, they see that Christ LOVES us and cares!  It is sad that not all Christians see this.  They feel that they have to appear to be perfect, struggling in their silence because they can't share their shortcomings and struggles to find support and guidance in the brothers and sisters in Christ that are around us.  Or shun the one that has stumbled because the pass judgement based NOT on the Truths of God but on their fear of being in the same place as that person!  OH how important it is for us to share our shortcomings with others so that they realize that they are NOT alone and let the Light of Christ shine thru us so that others may find that joy also.

It has been a difficult week for me in the fact that I have started a new job and the person training me is not leaving because she wants to leave.  She is struggling with that and although I do understand and feel her pain, it is making my job difficult.  She is struggling on letting go and I am having a hard time on getting from her what I need to know before she leaves.  And although it is hard for me, I am trying to have compassion and caring for her.  Actually working has helped with my weight loss journey because I don't have too much down time to think about food!  lol  And a bit easier to time my meals, but some of the stress when I get home gives me the desire to eat.  I have not given into that but found other things to keep me busy (like a messy house) to keep my mind off of that!  The good news was when I stepped on the scale yesterday, I was another 2 lbs down!  I wasn't going to weigh but just had to!  Thanks for your continued support!!! :)   

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Crafty Sue said...

Sorry to hear of your difficult week at work, but I am sure your great faith in God will help you out.
Thanks for sharing this video...Beautiful words and beautiful song. She has an amazing voice!