Thursday, June 16, 2011

Minus FIVE!

"She who kneels before God, can stand up to anything."  Weight loss... think it sounds simple?   Do you think we might have enemies out there who really don't want us to succeed?  Perhaps even enemies inside of us?  You know.  That proverbial angel on one shoulder, devil on the other... the one saying, "You are doing it right now,  you don't need that."... that the other saying, "it's ok.  Just one bite won't harm you."  LOL  Well, that is why this verse helps me in this journey.  Granted it may not seem like such a big thing to someone else, but right now, this is truly a big thing to me.  To me, my weight loss journey will bring glory to God.  It will bring a healthier me back into life!  It will be a blessing to me and to my family.  So on my knees I will be asking God for His help and guidance.

I went to the doctor yesterday, mostly just to get a starting point with blood work and to ask for his assistance in monitoring my journey.  I did weigh myself before going as I wanted to see how close his scales were to mine.  They are about 2/10ths of a pound difference.  :)  I like that!  And I was so pleasantly pleased to find that I am down 5 lbs since Saturday weigh in.  Thank you, Lord!  My doctor is on board and I am thankful for that.  Only one negative though right now.... Tuesday I started to feel a dull pain in my right kidney, Wed it just didn't hurt enough to bring attention to it BEFORE going to the doctor... but by the time I got home from my doctor (a 45 minute drive), I was in pain!  Kidney stones.  I have had them before and knew there were still stones in there, just a matter of time.  So dealing with that and drinking LOTS of water to try and flush them through.  Timing is everything!   Lord knows and this too, shall pass!  

Thanks for your support and prayers and encouragements!!!! 

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Crafty Sue said...

Sorry to hear of your kidney stones, but happy for your weight loss, I will keep you in my prayers.