Friday, April 17, 2009

The Friday Declutter! :)

I'm BACK! lol Back to my decluttering! Today's challenge was to declutter our wallets. Mine wasn't actually too bad this time. I had some receipts that needed to be thrown and some expired cards. Done and cleaned and organized! If you want to see how others have done with their wallet declutter, click HERE.

Actually a productive day, today. My first day UNemployed. Yes, I joined the 9.2 % and growing Washingtonians that have been laid off. Economy. I got 2 kitchen counters reorganized, potato salad made, dinner in the crockpot, a stack of clothes that needed attention taken care of, lists made with my game plan! Getting back on track! Feels good!

1 comment:

Diane said...

so sorry to hear you are laid off . On the other hand I am sure you will accomplish lots. I know when I have the summers off the whole house gets an overhaul and you have time for it too. Is there any chance of being called back????????????
take care I have been thinking of you . So glad to see you posting too!!