Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kristina's First Watermelon Basket

This is my daughter's first watermelon basket. I think she did a fantastic job! It is one thing that I have wanted to try but have not felt confident enough to try. Little does Kristina know but she will be making a lot more of these in the future. "What do you want me to bring, mom?" "Oh, bring one of your watermelon baskets with fruit, please!" LOL. I am proud of you, Kristina!


Crafty Sue said...

That's lovely!
She's done a great job!
I hope you had a Happy Easter.

Amanda said...

hope your family had a great easter. that fruit baskets looks super yummy!

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

This looks great!

Doreen said...

Well done to your daughter!
Kristina did an excellent job, very inspiring!
Hope you all had a lovely Easter.
Thanks for sharing : )

Audrey said...

That is so cute!!!

2 by 2 Boutique said...

GREAT JOB! i have always been too afraid to try to make one! LOL!

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

It's Beautiful! That's something I've often thought of trying but it just seemed so intimidating. Good job!

Ginger said...

What a awesome job she did on that fruit basket yummy!
how it going g/f
i been doing all kind of medical stuff not fun but i see the light at end of the tunnel.
Had another blood test hope it better than last one there testing me on why am gainning so much weight now. geee cant seem to get it down.
love ya keep in touch big hugs