Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another Busy Day Around the HDMac household

I love where we live. A little foggy this morning when I went to take pictures!! We have a comfortable home that sets on the side of a hill overlooking the Puyallup valley. In that valley is Hwy 167 and industrial warehouses but it is still lovely. Across the way we can see the east hill going up to Lakeland and an old power plant. When we first moved in here, 4 years ago, we could sit in the living room and see the traffic on the freeway and at night see the cars across the bottom of the east hill traveling on East Valley! I can't see that anymore! This hedge below us has grown so much that we have lost that view! Time to get it trimmed down!

Likewise next to our home are two large trees. One VERY large. And although they are beautiful, they block a lot of the light coming thru to our home. We sit in the breakfast nook and look out the window and see the tree base. Can't see the car coming up into our driveway or our neighbors. And these trees block the light getting to our neighbors home. Oh and did I mention that the biggest one is feeding off the septic system????? The roots were putting our septic system in danger and that gets pretty expensive to fix! Time for it to go!

So the work begins. We hired an acquaintance and he is confident with all that needs to be done. First lower limbs get trimmed off the big tree.

His two helpers begin on the hedge and get the chipper going to throw the trimmings back down on our hillside.

Look at how just trimming up the lower branches has opened up the light and view from our driveway!!!!!

Scott has trimmed the branches enough now and it is time to tie the line and fell the tree!!!!!!!

The notches are made and I begin to hear a crackle!!!!

You can see it just starting to fall!

And there it is down on the street! Text book tree falling!!! PTL! Great job!!!!!!

This tree has been feeding very well! We estimated the age to be about 18 and we count 19 VERY large rings!

The tree is down. The wood must now be trimmed and cut into pieces and stacked for my son. The hedge will have to wait for tomorrow. By the time I get home from work it will probably be mostly done! I can hardly wait to see it!!!! What a blessing to get this done!


Susie said...

What a huge undertaking! Enjoy the view:-)

krisijo said...

Can't wait to see!

Crafty Sue said...

I'm sorry for the tree, especially if it was still healthy... but unfortunately we have to take some extreme measures sometimes, I understand the situation.
Marcia I have tagged you on my blog, come over and have a look.

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

LOL I was going to tag.. you but you have been tagged already.. but anyway.. Tag your it ;)

Lynn said...

Yeah! Well done on the tree. We have lots of trees on our property, and always have a few down that we're in the process of cutting up and making in to stacks of firewood. We love the old Abe Lincoln sentiment: when you cut your own wood, it warms you twice! Here's to a warm and toasty winter :)

Ginger said...

Wow i know that took lots of work bet you have lots of fire wood now.
There something about a tree going down it's very inresting to me.
Look at your view now awesome!
Great work scott.
hugs ginger

Angie said...

We had to take down two trees in our front yard where we live too. They caused a a lot of damage to our water lines...etc.

Hugs! Happy New Year!!