Friday, November 7, 2008

The Very Best Christmas Present I ever Received

Sometimes the greatest gift you can give someone is the gift of time. A very, very special woman in my life realized this one time and that is exactly what she gave me for Christmas. Betty was a Coast guard wife with 3 children. Her heart is as big as the universe. This particular Christmas was especially difficult for me. I had 5 children, the youngest not yet one and my special angel was not quite 3 and not walking yet. The other three were in school at least part of the day and "Angel" had a special needs class that she attended 3 days one week and 2 days the next. I attended all but one day of week of the classes/therapy. And it wasn't easy to get out with the kids at this time. With 2 under 3 that did not walk, it wasn't exactly easy to carry them around, getting them in and out of the car, etc. Life was not exactly easy but I tried hard not to let others see or know that. Betty, however, was a very perceptive person and she saw between the wrinkles on my face! Here gift to me was to take my youngest son and "Angel" one day a month until all the children came home from school so that I could do whatever I wanted to do. That gift, although it was short lived (her Coast Guard hubby was transfered in April) was the BEST gift I have ever received. The gift of time. Can you think of someone in your life who needs a gift of YOUR time? Sometimes something that seems so very small to us turns out to be one of the most important events to another.

100 Days of Christmas - not quite on topic but meant something to me today. :)


Amber said...

What a great, heart warming story! Many times, the best gifts ar those that are not tangible!

Thanks for sharing this wonderful gift with us!

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful memory of such a thoughtful person in your life. It's also a good reminder that sometimes the best gifts come from the heart, rather than the pocketbook!

Jennifer said...

We should all be so thoughtful! You'll have to see if you can look Betty up on Facebook and let her know how much that meant!!


forgetfulone said...

This was a great post. I agree that the gift of time is so valuable!