Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Free Cup of Coffeee at Starbucks today only!

Seems that Starbucks was going to give a free cup of coffee to all that showed proof that they had voted. But it turns out that it is illegal to reward someone for voting so they are now giving EVERYone a free cup of plain jane java! Well, if you like coffee that is a good one! :)

Also, don't miss out on this one!

Guess we better check out Krispy Kreme also! lol


Mrs. H said...

Hm - don't like plain coffee, no B&J's around (wouldn't it be cool if they discounted their pints nationwide today, though?!), and krispy kreme isn't exactly close... although for some donuts (a free one!) it might make the perfect after-school trip for a treat this afternoon! Thanks for posting! Now I just have to find my sticker from when I voted early-voting last Thurs! ;-)

Susie said...

I voted and now, I just saw history made.