Saturday, November 22, 2008

Granddaughter and I had fun today!

My granddaughter came over to spend some time today. I decided we needed to have some craft to work on. I found 2 that I liked over at Lori Jeans blog.

First I gathered all the materials that we needed for making our projects and laid them out. Decided on making the Candy Christmas trees.

Next I gathered up my helper. Well only one of the helpers was invited, the other just thinks he has to be where things are happening!

These worked up quickly. I need to find more wired ribbon and when I do I will post a better picture of all that we did, but we were pleased with the initial efforts!

Soon we had more helpers join in!

And MORE!!!! I don't know how much help they were! But we had fun and enjoyed each others company!! This little one sure likes her Papa.... he wasn't having a very good day before this one showed up so she helped bring smiles out in him!!!!

My daughter went home and made up some gorgeous glass blocks with some graphics we printed out. Click here to see them!


Amanda said...

looks like a great day. id love to crafting with someone else. i'm jealous.

What pretty grandaughters you have!

Amber said...

What fun!! I love craft time with my girls!

Susie said...

That looks like so much fun:-)