Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hard to believe it is the 1st of November already!

Today's directive was made just for me! 100 Days to Christmas says today is the day to put away the Halloween decorations and get in there and CLEARLY mark the storage boxes/containers. Guess what I had already planned to do today? With the cleaning and organizing of my craft room, I freed up quite few storage containers. While out in the storage room looking for something the other night, I realized that my Autumn decoration are here there and everywhere and not in clear containers and in mismarked containers. So, today, I am heading out there to declutter, rebox and clearly mark all the containers. Perhaps, I will find some of the Autumn decorations (like my Pilgrim) that I couldn't find and clearly don't know where they are! If I get this out of the way this year and make sure that I put them away carefully when done for this season, how much further ahead of the game I will be for next year! lol

Head on over to 100 Days of Christmas to see how others are working on being organized and stressfree for the holidays. You might just want to join in! There are prizes involved! :)

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Susie said...

I put all my fall decorations away when I bring out my Christmas decorations (the weekend after Thanksgiving). That is when everything is put back in the prelabeled boxes. It really does make decorating much more easy and enjoyable:-)