Friday, October 31, 2008

55 Days to Christmas

Todays directive is an easy one! It is to relax! lol Tonight just might be a great night to do that! We in Western Washington have enjoyed one of the most beautiful Octobers EVER! We have have very little rain and the sun has been shining and the colors, well they have been just magnificent! But today, we are back to our normal, rainy, drizzly, DARK day. The golden leaves that have been piling up under the tree in the island in our work parking lot have lost their crispness and are smushing down with all the moisture. I will be thankful for our prolonged Indian Summer and remember that today. So with the darker day and the rain, I think tonight might be a good night to get dinner done and hunker down with a good video with the hubs and our golden. Hopefully he is coming to the end of his strike and after tomorrow's vote will be returning to work on Monday. It is a pretty quiet night in our neighborhood as we are only 1 of 5 homes and the top of the hill and no kids!

Have you been following the 100 Days to Christmas? Check it out and see what others are doing to plan!

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Susie said...

Sounds like you had a great night:-) Ours was relaxing too:-) We stayed in and passed out candy:-)