Friday, October 17, 2008

Time to Start Planning Christmas Crafts!

I remember at Christmas, when I was a kid, mom would always make porcupine ornaments for the tree. I was never crazy about them but you know, they are a precious memory now. Mom never thought of herself as crafty but she had more talent than she realized. She must have given me my love of crafting. By second grade, I was using the sewing machine and sewing doll cloths. I made so many May day baskets and in Bluebirds/Campfire girls, we were always making something fun!

I have a friend that has this crafting tradition for Christmas. The day after Thanksgiving, she meets with her sisters and sister in laws at one home. The whole family gets involved. Each sister brings her supplies to make a craft of her choice, usually holiday related. Each of them work all day long on their own craft, visiting and laughing, helping one another if needed. One husband makes breakfast. Another provides lunch and another provides dinner. At the end of the day, each sister receives a finished craft from each of the others and has her own finished items to take home. It has always sounded like such a wonderful time. In fact , it is what inspired me to start our family Mom and Daughter craft day that we just had! Perhaps you want to start a tradition similar to this! Maybe you are at a loss for ideas. Here is a crafting message board that I really enjoy. The Voy Craft board is filled with wonderful, helpful crafty ladies that are always willing to give their ideas and share websites. Give them a look see!

And for helping you get organized and plan for the holidays, check out 100 days of Christmas!


Jennifer said...

I love that idea - Mom and daughter craft day. My daughter LOVES crafts and I am not very good about encouraging that. I think that is the right idea!


Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

Neat memory, and a great crafting get together idea as well! Kind of a variation on the cookie swap thing. My family and friends are scattered around so far apart I couldn't manage that, but maybe a variation with my two youngest. I like it.

Sorry I haven't been around much. We've just been really busy, and I haven't managed to squeeze in computer time. Thank you for sticking with me in spite of my prolonged absence. I really appreciate it!

I hope to have a few minutes to stop by the BB this weekend. I'm almost finished knitting Nathan's shirt, my very first original design!

Tabitha Blue said...

What a great idea!! I thinks it's so wonderful to have projects together with family. I would really love to learn how to sew, or at least knit. Something I can help my daughter learn.... I guess I'd better get on that quick since she's already 2!

Great blog!


ScottsHelper said...

Great blog and idea for craft day! Thanks for sharing!