Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Craft Rooms - Oh my!!!

I love to craft. I mean that I really LOVE to do crafts! And I have a craft room. We are fortunate to have a large garage and off of my husbands work shop is a small room about 10'x10' that I have been able to claim for my "crap" as we affectionately call it. I have attempted way too many times to organize this room. I have purchased storage containers added more shelves but it never seems to get quite finished. I KNOW that I have WAY too much stuff. When I go out to create, I want to have everything I need. I don't want to get 5 minutes into it a project and realize that I can't finish it because I don't have something! - (Seriously! If something calls for 1 item, I buy 2. If a pattern calls for 4 skeins, I purchase 5! - I am not kidding. You know I must be seriously ill! lol Please tell me that I am NOT the only one!!)

This month over at The Organized Junkie, the project is organizing the craft room. I am hopping on the band wagon. This is a procrastination thing with me too. So I am hoping to get lots of ideas there and finally get this room down to a less then dull roar and make it usable and comfortable and inviting. Ideally when I am crafting I should be out there; not bringing my supplies into the house and messing up the table with everything! The only exception to this should be my crocheting which I do when I am watching TV, or visiting and such.

I was just reading this article on Organizing a Craft Room. What really caught my eye was the Decluttering section! Yeah, I need to declutter. That is probably the hardest thing because being a "creative, crafty" person, we look at EVERYTHING and think I could use that someday for SOMEthing!!!! Do you know how much "junk" I have already decluttered and given away or thrown away? Enough that is for sure but I still have soooo much! I guess what I need to do is sit down and come up with a plan. What do I like to do the most? What craft is the least likely for me to do? What area of storage for which crafts? How do I envision my workspace for sewing? for scrapbooking? for floral? for other miscellaneous crafts? INVENTORY etc... Lists, that is it. I am going to come up with a plan, lists and then execute them! ( my girlfriend recently saw my craft room - now mind you she is NOT into crafts like I am - she told me I could set up shop! )

How about you? Do you have a craft room or craft space that needs some work? Or perhaps you have wonderful ideas! Please join in over I'm an Organized Junkie with your ideas and questions!!! We can all learn from this!!


Lori said...

I don't have a craft room but I wish I did!!! Just when I get all my stuff out, it's time to put it away. I know I would get so much more accomplished if I just had a place to set things up and leave them up when I had to go do something different. Who knows, maybe later in life:)

Amanda said...

Yes I am joining this month's round-up of the craft room. I started it this afternoon and got alot done but still needs some work. I'm exhausted so going to go take a power nap and then hopefully finish the rest. this challenge is just what i needed since i really wanted/needed to get it clean since my brothers girlfriend is coming to my house for the first time this weekend.

good luck conquering your craft room.

Amber said...

This is something I really need to do! Due to lack of space, my living room is my craft room. We never use it so I have everything set up in there. The big problem is my front door opens into that room and you have to walk through it to get to my family room. It seems that once I get it cleaned, I go get more stuff or have projects to work on. I need to live by the rule my mom tried to teach me: If you get it down, put it up when you are finished!

HDMac said...

My craft room is going to take me DAYS to organize! lol

Amber, that is so me... I get almost organized and then I go and purchase more stuff to add!!! Then it just piles up and I get out supplies and don't have a designated space to put away.. it is a vicious circle!

Lori, it is so difficult to have to pick it up after each time, isn't it? And with younger ones you really need to do that! I do remember!!

Hayley said...

I've tagged you! Post 7 random things about yourself, and then tag 7 more people! Have fun!

Amanda said...

I finished cleaning mine today. Wish I could come help clean yours. Love going through other peoples craft supplies.

Org Junkie said...

Definitely the first step in the PROCESS is the planning. It will save you so much time because once you know what you want the room to look like, function as and store, it will make the purging step so much quicker.

Most projects end up taking us less time than we anticipate. Don't hold off because you think it will take too long. Jump in with both feet and afterwards you'll be wondering why you didn't start sooner :)

Mrs. H said...

I DO have a craft room, only my daughter and I call it our "art room." When we didn't need to the third bedroom for the baby, we decided to change it around and have some fun in it. :-) I have her set up with a desk in one corner with a plastic set of drawers for all her supplies then I have me set up with my desk on the other side with a bookshelf and various plastic tubs of my scrapbook supplies. I also use the desk to sew on. But, it's either or and at the moment it's spread w/ scrapbook stuff!