Sunday, October 5, 2008

Countdown to Christmas - 81 and counting

Today I have to continue on with my preparations for birthdays. :) Tonight is a celebration for both my sister in law and brother in law. His birthday is today and hers tomorrow, then there are 2 more grandchildren birthdays this wee and another the next week! Fortunately the 2 this week are not being celebrated until 2 more weeks! lol. So although they will get happy birthdays on their day, the gifts will not have to be finished until the family gathering on the 19th! Whew...

Although I like the directive today, which is get out there and take a drive and enjoy the fall foliage and colors, I won't be able to do that so on with my plan ahead. Although the ride to the folks' tonight may provide me with some of the fall colors, so I will keep my eyes peeled!

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Omaha Mama said...

The foliage here is just starting to turn. We've had a very warm fall thus far. We're off to celebrate Oct b-day at the in-laws today also. There are five (soon to be six) in October, which is a third of the family!