Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Small Glimpse into my Craft Room

This is the door leading into my craft room. The room this leads out of is my husbands VERY organized workshop! This poor room has gone from disorganized to almost organized to disorganized to almost and back again! Right now it looks like a bomb went off inside. I am bound and determined to declutter and organize and keep this room in order. I LOVE to craft.... but I hate going out to sew or craft in disorder. It bugs me. It isn't fun!!! Unfortunately I have company coming over tonight so don't have a lot of time to work on this today but hopefully tomorrow is another day! This is not a one day project, BELIEVE ME!!!!!!!

So here is my start to the Round up! Oh, and by the way! Laura has been sent before pics of the room! I also teased, Marcia, with a couple!

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Diane said...

Hey what about me . We are organizing buddies!!!!!!!!!! I too want to see the teasing pics of before. This week for me will be the filing cabinet so I can get my stuff for my new business " Those Two Girls" all organized. We are working on a networking supper.
Tomorrow we are helping a friend with his political campaign because his managers did nothing.