Sunday, October 12, 2008

The craft room transformation begins

This is a before picture BUT believe me when I tell you that this is the ONLY section of my craft room that looks this good! I am not kidding you. My granddaughter and I went thru my crochet magazines and books and organized them this summer. So it does get worse and I will post after pics... I may even get brave and post some more before. We will see. So, here is what I did today. I started carting things out and separating them out. I took some fabric that was still in the JoAnns bags, refolded them and put them in storage containers. They are on my dining room table where they will probably stay until I get the room in order. I packaged up 4 RAKS of crafting goodies that I am sending to 4 of my craft board friends. I will have more because I am going to be ruthless in this. I have set my priorities and my expectations so the journey to an organized craft room has begun. I didn't get as much accomplished as I would have liked because I am not feeling too good today but I can see some progress!


Amber said...

I really like the idea of the baskets/bins and the labels for the magazines! I just hate that sometimes it's too expensive to buy things to organize.

Good Luck! And, you have my support!

Diane said...

Great start!!!!!!!!!!! Remember it took you awhile to get to that point so it will take awhile to clean it all up too .