Saturday, October 4, 2008

And more headbands!

You are probably going to get tired of seeing these! Working on birthdays today. My daughter over for awhile but something came up so she had to get home. I made 4 more headbands. The brown and pink striped is for my granddaughter and the other two are for other family children that will be celebrating their birthdays at the same family celebration. I am really enjoying experimenting with placement of my ribbons and the pattern that it makes. :) 2 of these are 1 inch bands and 2 are 1/2 inch bands. Both work up great! I have to say I think this would be a best seller at a craft fair. It really isn't something that just everybody would pick up and be able/want to do.

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Amber said...

Those are just so pretty! I like red and green one. You could coordinate colors to match the holidays. So neat!