Friday, October 24, 2008

Declutter Challenge - October 25, 2008

I took on a huge project - decluttering and organizing my craft room. I came away with 2 large trash bags a couple of boxes and some other miscellaneous stuff in a pile for garbage clutter! You can see a picture of the garbage here! The rest of the "clutter" was taking up precious room on shelves and counters and floors! I boxed up 12 priority boxes and gave it away to friends that love to craft! I gave a large amount of scrapbooking goodies to my daughter in law and I have some goodies for my daughter. Fabric was carefully refolded and put away in containers for storage. Projects were containerized so that directions and materials would not get separated and could be picked up and worked on without major loss! It is a major monkey off my back to have this room decluttered and organized! YAHOO!

I am still working on my decluttering of my preconceived ideas of the Proverbs 31 woman and will probably share more of that next week.

This decluttering challenge has been a huge accomplishment in my life. I hope and believe that I am developing some lifetime habits here to simplify my life! Many others have joined in this challenge over the past few months. Check out The Organising Queen for ideas from others and for Marcia's ideas and encouragement!

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Crafty Sue said...

Well done Marcia!