Tuesday, August 19, 2008

10 Easy Organizing Tricks for the Kitchen

I found this over at Tipnut.com and found it very informative! I like to laminate kitchen reference charts and tape to the inside of the kitchen cabinets. On thing that I do is to a plastic sleeve with sticky back (purchased from an office supply store) and attach to the inside of the kitchen cabinet. I put my toaster oven information, my blender information, other kitchen appliances in them for handy reference.

10 Easy Organizing Tricks For The Kitchen

Picture of Basket of Utensils - Tipnut.com

  1. Use plastic bins or tubs to hold all pouches of dry soup mixes, seasonings, etc. Keeps them neatly contained in one place, store in the pantry or cupboard.
  2. Insert kitchen reference charts and favorite recipes in clear plastic sleeves then hang on the inside of kitchen cupboard doors for easy access. They can easily be wiped clean as well as keeps often used info at your fingertips (Kitchen Printables: Kitchen Measurements Equivalent Conversion Chart, Recipe Ingredient Substitutions & Equivalents Chart and 34 Handy Kitchen Measurement Hacks & Tidbits).
  3. Use a large crock or container to hold your most used kitchen utensils and set it on the counter for easy access (wooden spoons, spatulas, large soup ladles, etc.). Also helps to keep the large utensils drawer better organized since less is packed inside (use drawer dividers or shallow baskets in these drawers, helps keeps things better sorted). You could also hang a hanging wall basket to stash lightweight larger items (as in the picture above).
  4. Pack lids for plastic containers or Tupperware in a clear plastic tub or large ziploc bags, you’ll be able to see easily just where the lid you need is. Keeps them contained instead of rampaging foot loose and fancy free through your cupboards.
  5. Spices can take up a lot of precious pantry or kitchen cupboard space–get them off the shelf and up on the wall. Mount a spice rack inside the pantry on a wall or hang a narrow basket shelf inside the pantry door (not over the stove, heat isn’t good for herbs and spices).
  6. You can get the knife block off the counter by installing a magnetic bar along a back counter wall–will hold your knives securely. You could also install a magnetic bar on the wall of your pantry to hold small tools you like to keep close at hand (screwdriver, pliers, etc.) or make a hanging tool organizer.
  7. Plastic lazy susans are a great organizing help in the pantry or small kitchen cupboard. Store like things together and you’ll know just where to grab what you need.
  8. Use cup hooks: Affix to the inside of cupboard doors and on pantry walls. They’ll hold things like measuring spoons, large bbq & kitchen utensils (with straps or holes for hanging), potholders, etc.
  9. Use small ziploc bags to hold small like-items together (like twisty ties, corn cob holders, etc.) then store all the bags together in a small plastic basket or tub.
  10. Utilize the space underneath hanging cupboards, you can install a paper towel holder, plastic wrap holder, knife holders, etc.

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Gifts That Say Wow said...

Thank you so much for posting the organizing tips for the kitchen. Lots of good advice there. I loved the one about putting vanilla extract on a cotton ball to deodorize the fridge. Runs off the find the extract!!!

Kim's Mom said...

Some great tips here! I'll be able to use many of them. Thank you so much for posting this!

Sunkist said...

I appreciate all of the tips you gave on making a kitchen work for you. You mentioned mounting spices on the inside of the door, I found a drawer organizer that I think works better than mounting on the door itself. I seem to change my mind frequently on where I want my items stored and I don't like having something that is so permanent. The item for the drawer is also dishwasher safe. If you are interested you can find it hereThe Spice Expand-A-Drawer