Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hope you aren't tired of my hand towel beach bags!

This set of 4 is ready to get mailed off tomorrow. The two in the back you have seen before, the two in the front are for my twin granddaughters. I was going to give her the purple bag with butterflies but decided to make theirs with the same ribbon but in pink and purple. One wears pink and the other purple so these will be great for them! My neighbor came over and saw these and wants to make them for her granddaughters also!


Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

I love these bags.. they are great. they would go great on an outing to the beach.
Thank you for your very kind words on my blog..please visit again.

Ginger said...

Here in calif we live with summer beach and swimming im going make some of these .Love them you did a wonderful job on them!!! your so clever i mean it.
hugs ginger

Amber said...

Those are just too neat!! You did a great job!

HDMac said...

Thank you, all. I have to tell you.. these are so easy and fun. I encourage you to try them if you are interested. They make wonderful gifts.