Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another special day!

Today is my son in law's 40th birthday. He is husband to my oldest daughter and father to four of my granddaughters. I am so blessed to have Jon in my life. When Jon first started dating my daughter, you know, we always want to make sure they are worthy of our treasured loved ones. It wasn't long before he was endeared in my heart. When Jon would come in and wait for his wife to be, often I would find his lanky 6'6" frame planted in the middle of the living room, talking with our special angel, letting her hug him and giggle. She has a sixth sense about people and Jon passed her test with flying colors. Who was I to doubt?? Jon is a godly husband and father. He is truly a blessing to my daughter and so very supportive of her as a wife and mother. His girls adore him as do all my grandchildren. Another blessing in my life!


Crafty Sue said...

Wishing your son-in-law a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Amber said...

What a sweet story! I hope he has a very special birthday!