Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day 7 - Declutter!

Day 7! Can you believe it? You must think that my whole house looks horrible! Well, some may be better and some may be worse! I ain't telling! This is my breakfast nook table. This is where the grandkids eat when they come over and where hubby has breakfast in the mornings, hence his tray! The STUFF on the table was for a neighbor's son. Our friend came over about a month ago, maybe a bit longer and said that her son was in need of household items as he was changing his present living arrangements and moving into an apartment. I told her I would see what I could find for him. Ok. I found all this stuff and here it has sat on this table waiting. So tonight it is tucked all into a large box and ready for a trip to Goodwill this weekend. GONE ------ OUT of here! And now the table looks nice. What you can't see is some paper work on a chair behind - retirement stuff that my hubby is going thru hoping to find some date in the future to retire (not to recent future! sadly) I only have a temporary place for this but when I get to the office, this will find it's permanent home. I also told Babe that this is how this table is to stay. My (new) rule is this - Once decluttered it stays decluttered! :) Everything is going to have a home by the time I get done! By the way the table runner is a runner that I got in a TOH craft swap last year and I just love it. Works beautifully on this table. I have another one, absolutely exquisite on my dining room table that I will share with you some time soon. Want to find out more about this decluttering challenge? Click here!

UPDATE: When I came in the office to post this I looked around and saw a great file box that will work perfectly for hubby's retirement planning paperwork. It will keep it all contained in one place and yet he can transport it to whereever he wants to sit and look it over and then return it to it's place on the bookshelf!


Diane said...

Love the cleaning table. Good job!!!!
That is one spot that the only thing that is on there occasionally is some games my hubbie plays other that it is not one of my hot spot areas. I love the idea if it is decluttered it stays that way . Sounds good to me!
Have fun with the grandkids.

Gifts That Say Wow said...

Marcia, great job..I see you are in the "mode" too. I have one room that I am going to take a before picture of, and that is my dining has been hit hard during my decluttering. If I didn't have a place for it, it went there until. Don't know when I will tackle that one...she is a
Keep up the great work!!

Kim's Mom said...

We only have one dining table, the dining room table. Not sure what it is about dining tables and cluttering. I work to get that thing cleared off, everyone (including me) stands back and admires it. Every time I say this is the way it's going to stay. Every time, within a week it's developing mounds on one end. So frustrating!

You really did a nice job on it, and on the other one. I'm looking forward to seeing your next project. In the meantime, enjoy your time with your Grands! :)