Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 18 - Declutter

Here is the Household Notebook that I set up with my prize from Marcia at the Organising Queen. I got that put together this Sunday. I am really going to like this! I added a couple of extra pages for projects. I love the dividers that I found at WalMart and the last divider has a pocket!

Yesterday and today, I have worked on kitchen cupboards and drawers. I should have taken a picture of all the plastic forks and spoons I threw out! They were loose in the back of my silverware drawer. I put a narrow storage container in behind my silverware divider and only the plastic ware that fit in there did I keep. I use them for our lunches and sometimes when I have several grandkids over and we are eating outdoors. Now I need to let you know that there is one area that I have not been able to keep up yet. It is the top of my washer and dryer. Remember the critter in the laundry closet? Well, some of the things that are going to go back in have had to be stored on top of the washer and dryer for the TIME BEING! ONLY until I get the closet organized. This morning when I got up, I went for the closet first. We thought the visitor was gone but after the first thunderstorm on Saturday night, it was very apparent that he was still around and now on the next shelf up! GRR!!! I had just washed the lower shelf and was getting ready to get it started! So back on hold, mousetrap back in play. Now where was I? Oh yes, this morning... closet... opening the door..... yeppers, he had returned but he won't be back. I backed up and shut the door and left it for Doug when he got home from work! OK. He is gone and one trap is left to make sure there is not more then one. By this weekend I am hoping to get back on track with this project.

The great thing about this challenge is that you learn to adapt! I am on the road to success and I am going to stay there. I started to work on our household cupboard tonight but when I opened it up, it was too overwhelming! HA! But it was 9 PM too. So tomorrow or Wednesday it will be my project right after dinner is done. This will be an interesting one.

What have YOU decluttered today! :)


Amber said...

I think what you are doing is just great! I wish I had some more motivation!! I have gotten better but, I know I would still feel so much better if I could just get rid of things. I live by the motto, "I might need it one day" and am afraid that once I do get rid of it I might need it. I think my other big problem is that I do not have storage or closets in my house. We have such an old house that it was built without any. The kitchen cabinets I have now was a custom job built by my dad. No storage, no closets, no cabinets, no kitchen counters! My table and fridge becomes my catch all.

Marcia said...

Marcia, I am TICKLED pink that you've already set up your household notebook. Well done!!!

I love that you're adapting to your own unique organising style, day by day