Thursday, August 7, 2008

Today is a special day!

This is one of my daughter in laws and today is her birthday. I am so blessed to have her in my life. Shelley purposes in her heart to strive to be the woman that God has planned for her to be. She is a very direct person, bless her heart. Shelley loves to be creative in practical and fun ways. Both she and my son are the oldest of 5 children and both have a servant's heart. Believe it or not I LOVE to cook for her. As tiny as she is, she loves to eat and she always expresses interest in a new recipe that I have made and welcomes my sending her easy, kid recipes that I think she might like. She is truly one of those persons that is beautiful from the inside out. Today I thank God for her and the joy that she brings to my life!


Kim's Mom said...

Happy Birthday to your Daughter in law!

She sounds like a very special person.

jennifer said...

What a gorgeous Birthday Girl! Happy Birthday to your Daughter in Love.

You come by today and saw that my nieces B'day is today too. She is a pretty blond too!


jennifer said...

Oh My Gosh... You "came" by.

*slinking away from your site with a red face*

What is it that they say about first impressions?


HDMac said...

LOL,, Jennifer! :)