Monday, August 4, 2008

Did you notice my new banner at the top of the page?

I have a very special internet crafting friend and her name is Lori Jean. I have never met Lori Jean in person but for several years, we have communicated thru a craft forum and email. She has been an encourager to me and someone that is always interested in what was going on in my life both personally and craftwise! And more importantly, we share a faith that makes us sisters in Christ. Lori Jean is very talented and does some wonderful graphics work. (Something that I have NOT mastered yet! lol) Lori Jean made this banner for me as a gift and I absolutely LOVE it! And I just love Lori Jean! Lori Jean has an amazing blog at Happybird's Crafting Haven. Please check it out and mark this one in your bookmarks. You will enjoy her heart for sharing crafts that affordable and fun to give. Lori Jean, THANK YOU for being such a kind and wonderful friend. You honestly have a special place in my heart.


Diane said...

I like your new topper!!!!!!

Kim's Mom said...

Beautiful! I agree, Lori Jean's blog is well worth a visit. It's one of those you can't stop at one visit though ;-)

Thank you for the Anniversary wishes!

Ginger said...

Oh my g/f is she cool are what.She bless's me too. Love that sweet friend as we all love you too.The banner great!!! One thing that was so hard for me was to find a banner.And if anyone knows how to put in links please i need help with that.I put it in my post but doesn't show it so odd.
hugs ginger

Crafty Sue said...

I like the new banner, Lori Jean has done a very nice job.