Sunday, August 10, 2008

One of my major declutters

Ok. This is one of the embarrassing declutterings. I had been saving this project for next weekend but necessity made 1/2 of it happen this weekend. I have a closet off my laundry that I have for overflow bulk. Yesterday morning I went to get oatmeal out of that pantry. It was in one of the waxy cereal bags as it was from a big box from Costco that I purchased about 3 months ago. I cut open the top and dumped it into the tupperware container. Then I started to fold the bag to put in the garbage. A small hole caught my eye. And then a larger hole. I thought about it a moment and thought a trip back to the pantry that has an outside wall was in order. Yep, just as I suspected, an unwanted four legged creature had left it's droppings on the shelf. I don't think it has been around very long, but long enough to make me realize that all the food out there was going now and my plan to use this for the appliances and pots and pans that I don't use as often were going out there now, instead of later. Not a happy camper here. So the kitchen pantry is now rearranged and organized. The laundry closet is not yet. There are two traps laid out in hopes of catching that rascally varmit! Last night when I was in here posting, I heard one of the broom handles fall over in the closet... Got brave and went to check it out, knowing that the noise of the handle falling would scare him away.... more evidence that it had returned this time to find nothing of which would satisfy him. (I had cleaned out anything that was food related) I was fortunate this time. The oatmeal appeared to be the only thing it/they got into. Sigh. This is the joy of living close to woods. :) I didn't really enjoy dealing with this at the same time the grandkids were here but sometimes that is life. But at least one project that I had planned on doing is accomplished anyway. And if this doesn't make sense and is jumbled, it is because I have had about a trillion interruptions! (now does that exaggeration sound like I have been around the kids all weekend? LOL) And yes, that is baby food on the second shelf. I have an apricot jello recipe that we love that takes peach baby food. :)

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Kim's Mom said...

Tried posting on this one earlier but my PC was acting up. I'm kinda glad now, as more of the pictures are coming up for me now.

Great job on this one, Marcia! I like your use of the baskets for organizing. I have some real deep cupboards, and couple that are not only real deep, but ridiculusly high as well. Lot's of wasted space there I need to figure out how to use.

Living in the woods myself I can sure relate to your 4 legged visitor challenge! Our kitties have taken care of most of the problem, but every once in awhile...I really hate those every once in awhiles!