Friday, August 15, 2008

Decluttering Challenge!!

I haven't given up, my battery went dead in the camera!!! When I get a new one (today) I will load up a couple of pics. :)

This has been a very strange week. Got a lot of things decluttered including the kitchen pantry and the top shelf on my laundry closet. Hopefully this weekend I will get that project done. We have not had any "visitors" since so that encourages me that this was a very new problem!

This has been a very rough work week and so I have done small projects in the evening. The basket table that we have between our 2 chairs in the in the family room got decluttered and the baskets reorganized. :) Old magazines (yeah, more) from the baskets were decluttered. A crochet project was bagged and placed into my craft room to keep till ready to work on again. All remotes rearranged in top basket. Pens and other small items contained and decluttered in second basket. I threw out pens that did not work, replaced batteries in the flashlight that we keep there. :) Smaller projects but satisfying!!! Click here to find out what others are doing!!! What did you declutter today??


Anonymous said...

Decluttering the laudry closet and kitchen pantry is huge. WTG. Doesn't it feel great to have those "high traffic" areas tidy?

I'm sorry to hear this has been a rough work week. I hope this coming one is better. Maybe you can do something refreshing, relaxing or fun this weekend to counteract some of last week's roughness?

forgetfulone said...

The pantry is always a big job around here. Hope work is better to you this coming week.

Diane said...

Take some time to rest and relax this weekend Marcia. I sure hope next week is better!
Great that you kept up decluttering even with rough times.

Kim's Mom said...

I wonder if I'm the only one for whom the nonworking pens jumped out? I know e've got a bunch of them things! LOL

Hope you have a restful weekend, and that next week is much better for you!

Marcia said...

marcia, I want to show you something. Notice how matter-of-fact throwing out magazines has become?

I remember just a week ago you were almost TORTURED by the thought of getting rid of them. I LOVE IT!

See? the baby steps do work!

You're doing a great, great job and I'm proud of you!

(I started decluttering my kitchen again this week - two cupboards left and I'm done)

Marcia from Organising Queen