Tuesday, September 30, 2008

2 more headbands

I felt like going out to the craft room for awhile. I made these headbands for my granddaughter. They will match her sweater that I am going to make for her birthday. This is the fun thing about this woven headband. Both are done in the same weave but with placing the ribbons in different positions, the one on the left looks like stripes and the one on the right like a diamond back!


Ginger said...

oh my how i love your recipe for pumpkin fuge and hair bands are awesome!
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and just to let her know were happy she started hers
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ask her stop by yours to please love ya ginger

Ginger said...

You rock thank you so much bless you!!
hugs ginger

MNKristy said...

very cute!

Jenny in Utah said...

I love these! My girls wear uniforms and it would be so cute to do these in their school colors. Is there a tutorial??? I will keep looking around. Thanks for all the fun projects you have on here - wow!

krisijo said...

What a great crafty Grandma! Andreas going to love them!

Anonymous said...

Wow Marcia, those headbands are so cool! How did you weave them????I want to make one for myself, lol, and wouldn't those be a fun project for the girls in my dance class!!!

So cool!


Amber said...

Those are so pretty!!! Are there instructions out there for them?? I would like to make on for Jaiden.