Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I love mayonnaise. No, I mean I really LOVE it! Give me a BLT with Mayonnaise just SLATHERED on it and I would be in heaven! I remember seeing a Sandra Lee Semi Homemade segment. She was making some sandwich and she said be generous with the mayo... I thought "That is how much I put on when I am being LESS than generous! " lol. Mom made the BEST BLTs. I would love, as a kid, to come in from swimming or playing and see BLTs for us on the table! Oh, that first bite... always something to look forward to... UNLESS...... unless, she used Miracle Whip! I hated Miracle Whip! How can the two be interchangeable? Mayo is so good and tangy and Miracle Whip is sweet! Yuck! Give me tangy... but alas, we grow older and we try to become more health conscience. I have tried the light mayos and fat free and NO WAY... so Mayonnaise has still been plentiful in my diet. But the time has come. It is time to put the taste aside and move on to a healthier product. I don't like this like I like REAL mayonnaise. It lacks the tang. It lacks the flavor. But it is made with olive oil and is a healthier version. I am getting old anyway. Old enough where nothing tastes like it used to taste or should taste! So, I am resolved to accept this. Best Foods REAL Mayonnaise, I will miss you but it is time to grow up and put my tastes aside for a somewhat healthier product. Try hard not to jump in my basket when I pass you by in the grocery aisle!

This has just been a general chatter post. I think I will use it for Talk about Tuesday! If you would like to see what others are talking about, click here!


Ginger said...

I love blt but not mayo. Yuck! I put mustard on it am a happy camper.Get real fancy i put a few chips in my sandwhich.LOL
hugs ginger:o)
Thank you for stopping by i needed this break.

The Happy Housewife said...

Okay I am cracking up! I like mayo but not that much and I like miracle whip too. My sil hates mayo and can't even stand to hear the word mayonnaise. Hopefully you two aren't neighbors!

Amber said...

I think Miracle Whip is most nasty thing!! My mom and grandmother call it mayo. When they fix something they say it has mayo in it. NOOO!!! My grandmother just eats miracle whip on lettuce as a salad dressing.

I'm with you, there's nothing like a BLT smothered in mayo! Then again, anything with bacon is good!!!

HDMac said...

LOL @ all! :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Wow....you must love mayo more than I can stand it...haha! I can't even think about eating anything with mayo, sour cream, salad dressing or anything else like it. My kids really like too....if they use it, they know to have it far from me.

Your site is great, thanks for the post one mine

happycfam said...

So funny! I could never do Miracle Whip, yuck! I too have been trying to be a little healthier and have been using best foods lite. I know it's not the real thing, but It's the best I can do:) Good luck on you Mayo mission.

What I wouldn't give for one of your Mom's BLT right now--yum!

Diane said...

Oh yes I love mayonnaise too. I had french fries and mayonnaise tonight for supper . Try it if you havent. My dad said it was the way they served them in Germany when he served in the army. I was so addicted at one point never needed ketchup. Now just time to time do I do this.

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

Mmmmm. I love my mayo too! It was one of the most difficult tings for me to give up when I went on my diet. I still sneak a bit every once in awhile, and as Diane said, French Fries just aren't worth bothering with unless you have mayo to dip them in!

Thanks for your comment! Can you e me the addy, or search words for that site? I'd really like to check it out! I appreciate you thinking of me!

I've been busier than I can remember in ages this last week, and feel bad about not getting around and posting at differnt blogs, but am hoping to be able to catch up at least a wee bit tomorrow.

mom_of2boys said...

I love mayo too! Like Boondock ma, French fries aren't the same without mayo. Miracle Whip is awful! I don't know how anyone eats that stuff - my family does though.

Marcia said...

Mmmmmm, i can SOOO relate. I love mayonnaise too, and also the really tangy one, not creamy for me.

We have a brand here called Crosse and Blackwell Tangy Mayonnaise. It is the most expensive one, but I don't care because NOTHING else will do LOL

However, mayonnaise is loaded in fat and you know I'm health-conscious so imagine my DELIGHT when they brought out a "light" version (50% less fat). That one is even MORE expensive than the regular one but I tell myself "life's too short to scrimp on the good stuff, right?"

I think I'll blog this - who knew I was so passionate about mayonnaise!

I'll put some of my favourite sandwich combos in my post too!

Marcia from Organising queen

Marcia said...

Okay, I did it. Here's my post, marcia


Marcia said...

Sorry, the link didn't come out properly. Let me try again

Here's the mayonnaise post

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

Whoa! I didn't kow you could post links in the comment section! How'd you do that??

I really need to stop looking at this post. Now I'm craving mayo.

Forgive me Marcai, but I have to experiment with a link here....

Boondock Babble