Monday, September 29, 2008

Here are some of the finished craft projects!

My daughter was more on the ball than I was the other day. I was so excited to snap pictures of all of us having FUN that I forgot to take pictures of the finished projects! lol But here are some of the headbands and and bows that she finished. They really turned out wonderful! The headband is a pattern that you have to purchase but the bows can be found at hipgirlclips forums. I honestly can tell that these were very easy. My friend and mother of my daughter in law is not a crafty person and she commented on how easy it was! The headbands take a little bit more thought at first but once you get the pattern down, it really goes quickly. We were all so excited with what we had made! Don't the babies make perfect models?


Amanda said...

wow really love the bows! super cute!

Crafty Sue said...

They're wonderful!
You have all done a great job on those hairbands.
Thanks for posting the pictures.
The babies are sooo cute!