Saturday, September 20, 2008

96 days to Christmas

Todays project is to start a page for each person that you are giving a gift to and have them make a wish list for you or you collaberate together.

I already know what each person is going to get as I am making each gift so I used this day to gather the patterns and make a list of the materials that I need. I will be checking what materials I have on hand and writing where they are and how much I have on hand and then I will list what I need and where I will be purchasing those products and SOON I will need to get started on them one by one! :)

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1 comment:

Sandy Toes said...

Christmas??? I still have beach towels in my laundry room! I should think about Christmas sooner but I am an after Thanksgiving gal!

-Have a great weekend!
Sandy Toes