Sunday, September 7, 2008

FALL is in the air!!!

I absolutely LOVE the fall!! From September to Thanksgiving I love to put out the warm, beautiful decorations of the season! This is the first floral arrangement that I ever made back in 1995 and I just love it! I saw a picture in a catalog and it was VERY expensive. My friend said you can make that, so I took her at her word, went to JoAnns and purchased the goodies to make this puppy up! I then proceeded to procrastinate!!! lol Finally autumn was coming to a close and Billie asked me when I was going to make that! I made the time and I put it together. Thru the years, it has been picked at by my daughter, and grandchildren and our lovely golden retriever! The turkey needs to be resecured and the flowers need to be renewed. I may use this as a procrastination project as I have been saying this for about 4 or more years now! I need to do it! But I thought I would share this with you as it looks so comforting and inviting on the table in front of our living room window. I used to put it on the coffee in the front room but we so seldom are in there; we can enjoy it more here. :)


Amber said...

That is so pretty!! I need to get into my cellar and start bring up fall decorations but first I need to get rid of so much more!! I have been working on my new sewing table today.

You know, it's amazing after doing one project and the good feeling that comes from it that makes you want to do more!!! It's like I don't want to stop now, I want to get this house in order!! I've even kicked my hubby's behind into gear! He's cleaning out his tools!

HDMac said...

LOL! Good for you Amber!

You may recognize this table from one of my daily decluttering challenges from last month. :) And thank you for the compliment. I really do enjoy this arrangement! It is probably the only craft item that I have made that I actually made and kept for myself! I usually give everything away! LOL

lonestar818 said...

Looks great!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciated your comments.