Sunday, September 28, 2008

It couldn't have been a more perfect day!!!

What a FUN day we had yesterday crafting away! I am so very blessed with my lovely family!!!! The first thing we made were woven headbands with plastic headbands and ribbon. It took us awhile but once we got the rhythm down, we took off and came up with some of the most beautiful combinations! They are darling! Then we learned to make 2 different types of ribbon barrettes that turned out fun and beautiful!! My daughter graciously opened her home to us. I also prepared the makings for Taco Salad so lunch was taken care of along with Fall Candy Corn bars for a treat! We unanimously decided to make this an annual event and are planning our next one for March or April of 2009! We didn't get out of town until after 7:30 PM which I do not like driving in the dark, so that wasn't fun. At one point on a drive that I have taken 100s of times, I must have followed the car in front of me and missed my turn to the Hood Canal Bridge.. about the time that I said to my daughter, we haven't gone over the bridge yet! - I came to the tiny town of Quilcene and realized that I had taken the wrong road and had to backtrack! lol... but got home safe and sound and exhausted but so happy! Things I would change for next year? I would definitely spend the night so that we could spend even longer time together. we started at 10 and ended about 6 pm. Then dd and I went to see my 2 sons and the kids that hadn't come to the craft day... that was too short!!!!

I think this was a wonderful idea of starting a new family tradition. I can see this one growing and becoming more fun every year!


Crafty Sue said...

That's one SPECIAL Day. I wish you many more. It would be nice to see some pictures of your head bands.
The babies are darling!

Amber said...

What fun!! So glad you had a good time! Next time you can have a crafting sleep over party!

Amanda said...

wow i'd love to do a day like this. hoping ot maybe plan a christmas cardmaking party with some friends in november