Wednesday, September 24, 2008

92 Days to Christmas and Counting!

Today is about Christmas cards. Have you ever had the good intentions to send out Cards only to run out of time? I have. So no matter if you are thinking about making your cards or purchasing now is the time to get your creative juices flowing. I organize a Christmas Card exchange for a recipe message board that I have been involved in for years! We send out cards along with a Christmas recipe that we want to share. So today I searched thru my recipes for the recipe that I want to send. I have checked thru my recipe card graphics and copied and pasted my recipe so that I am ready to print and laminate a little later in the game. :)

Click over HERE to see what all Debbie suggests today and to see what others are doing! And you leave a comment, you just MIGHT be a winner!

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Crafty Sue said...

That's a very nice idea.