Saturday, September 13, 2008

Procrastination Project #6

I have had these little decorative plates since July. I bought them on sale at Joann's just after the 4th. They have been sitting around waiting to be put up above my kitchen window. Another that you can't see is to the left of the window. I have a pig cutting board that used to be my mothers. I remember using it and her using it way back to our Lincoln, Nebraska days. It has been stripped and retired but I wanted to keep it and now it has it's place of honor in my kitchen!

Little or big, what have you been procrastinating doing? Click here to see what others are doing in this challenge!


Trish said...

looks like you've been keeping busy, as usual--I love that you were able to find a worthy place to display your things!

Amanda said...

wow you've been on a roll! way to go.. i need to do aleast 1 project. i've been so lazy lately.

they look really good displayed there!

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

Very cool about the cutting board. It's those things that have memories with my Mother and my Grandmother's in my kitchen that make my time in there special. I actually enjoy washing dishes, because the dishes we use are the very same ones I ate on, and helped wash at Grandma's house.Every time I wash those dishes I feel like Grandma is right there with me.