Sunday, September 21, 2008

95 Days to Christmas

Todays direction is a good one I think! It really is not about Christmas but about NOW. So, I went out to the storage and got all my Autumn Decorations and began putting them around the house. I think this is very important. The whole idea of the this 100 Day countdown is to be organized and be able to enjoy the Christmas season when it comes up on us, not to hurry the season. One reader questioned me about this so let me try to explain.

As a Believer, I think that Christmas is a very important time. In raising my children, I have always tried to focus on Jesus being the reason for the season and not on receiving gifts but in giving. My family is large. I raised 5 children and there were always extras that found their way to our household. We also have a very large family of aunts and uncles and cousins. And now we have many grandchildren! So planning can become stressful if I waited till the last minute. I can't stand the day after Thanksgiving sales. Too many people. Too much commercialism so I have been most comfortable in giving gifts made with love from my heart. If I didn't plan in advance, I would be hard pressed to get my baking and cooking and planning and things done in a timely manner.

All that said, that is why I liked todays directive. It focuses on now. It gives a bit of a break and it reminds us to enjoy the here and now. :)

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