Thursday, September 11, 2008

Decluttering Challenge Week 2 of September!

I am still decluttering! It is amazing how stuff just collects over time if you don't stay on it! The cookbooks.... yes, another bunch of them; given away. A wastebasket full of paper work and such from the office. Then I cleaned off my Dresser in the bedroom and got rid of and took care of the stuff on it. I cleaned the corner next to my hutch. These boxes had been there WAY too long. And do you see the radio/cd/tape player under the table in this pic. It was decluttered. DH had put this here several months ago and put a different system where this had been. I put this one back and he took the other one out to his rockin' garage!

Simplify 101 has an excellent article on decluttering, organizing and storage today! Check it out!

All of these projects feel so good!!! What have you decluttered this week? Want to see what others are decluttering, visit the Organising Queen and see!


Marcia said...

Wow, Marcia. You're really going at it!!!! WOOHOO

Just make sure you think about why you're throwing out and make sure it doesn't all come back :)

Have a stunning weekend - you deserve it!

Marcia said...

BTW, I would love to see a picture of YOU on your blog.

Anyone agree with me??? :)

embracingjoy said...

WoW! You go!! Oh btw, do you recycle? All those magazines and papers can go in the recyling! =)

Mrs. H said...

Way to get rid of those magazines... They can stack up waaay too easily, I agree! I usually try and read them and pass them to a friend or my mom (hopefully I'm not passing a problem on to them!) :-)
p.s. Thanks for visiting my blog!