Thursday, September 4, 2008

OK! Here is my procrastination project!!!!

This is my desk! :( Yes! Honestly! This is where I sit and visit with you!! Can you imagine that? I'd rather visit in my kitchen! LOL This is my procrastination project and my declutter project! :) I have my mail stacking up on my left along with recipes. There are some great cubby holes that I need to put to good use rather than stuffing junk in..... On my right are a couple of notebooks; one is my TOH birthdays that I post every morning the other is... oh wait I have to grab it and find out... Oh, my! It is my January 2007 Secret Sisters group! Good grief.. Well, I am accountable now so let the work begin! I will keep you posted! Meanwhile, click on the Virtually Organized icon to see what other procrastinators are working on!


Debbie Jordan Kravitz said...

Congratulations on conquering your procrastination with my challenge! You've picked a very realistic goal for the month,and your enthusiasm and motivation will surely carry you through to success! I can't wait to see the "after" picture at the end of the month!

Thanks for joining me in the Procrastination Challenge, and much luck with your project!

Amanda said...

wow love the desk. love all the different departments to it. bet if you work out a system to it, it'll be awesome workspace. good luck conquering it!