Saturday, September 27, 2008

Countdown to Christmas - only 89 more days!

Today's focus on 100 Days to Christmas is on getting out there and enjoying fall! :) Go on a picnic, take a drive and enjoy the fall colors!

For me today is about starting a new tradition! I am SO excited. My daughters and daughter-in-laws are getting together today for a VERY special day of crafting! This is our first day to do this and we are going to make it an annual (if not semi-annual) event! I have gathered up the materials and we are going to be making ribbon barrettes and ribbon braided headbands! (With 10 granddaughters, I think we have plenty of hair for which to make them!) I have put together all the ingredients for a Taco Salad and Fall Candy Corn Bars for lunch and all the instructions and materials are packed in the car ready to head out to our get together. All the girls are excited about this too! We have talked and wanting to make this a tradition with us. Maybe every November as focus to Christmas. Today we are all going to make the same thing but in the future, it could be a different craft for each of us but we all gather together to craft and fellowship! As time goes on, it will be fun to include the older granddaughters and actually one of my daughter in laws mom will be joining us today! I will write more and post pictures later in the week! For pray for traveling mercies for my daughter, baby granddaughter and myself as we travel to start this fun new tradition!

100 Days to Christmas is all about setting goals and organizing the way to a stressfree and organized Christmas. Check out this blog and see what others have to share. You may want to join in! There are weekly prizes!

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Diane said...

what a new great tradition!!!!!!!!
I bet you had a lot of fun along with everyone else.