Friday, September 19, 2008

Time for this week's decluttering challenge!

I didn't declutter quite as much this week as in the past weeks. But this is a box of books that I decluttered from my bookshelf and sent to a blogger/crafting/recipe friend! :) I also "decluttered" my rose bush! I know it isn't the right time of year to trim it but it had to be! It has gone WILD this summer and took over the window and was branching out dangerously into the yard and against the house... so it is also a procrastination project because I have been putting it off since at least July! I can now see out my office window and Doug can mow the lawn without being attacked by thorns! lol Also have the usual paper clutter that builds and gets thrown. Although I still have more major clutter to conquer, I am very happy and comfortable with my decluttered areas! :) Makes life easier!

Want to join in this challenge and/or see what others are doing? Please visit the Organising Queen to see!


Anonymous said...

That is great that someone else could use those books!! If you end up with books you're not sure what to do with, I just joined and have been swapping dvd's for books, etc. Its really neat! I already got rid of 3dvd's I didn't want in exchange for 3 books that I have been wanting! And all I paid was the shipping to send the DVD off to someone else who could use it!!

forgetfulone said...

Great job cleaning out the bookshelf and trimming the rose bush. Thanks for stopping by and wishing me well.

Me said...

Your rose bush must have been quite big. Did you take a picture of it? I think I'm going to leave decluttering my books to near the end. I have so much other stuff I should get rid of.