Friday, July 11, 2008

Do you remember YOUR very first friend?

Summer of '53. Lincoln, Nebraska. We lived on the corner in a duplex. Next door was my very bestest and first friend, Colleen. We did everything together. Walked into each other's houses without knocking. lol I remember one day I walked into her house and there were older ladies sitting in the foyer! (her grandmas) I thought I was in the wrong house! Colleen moved to a different neighborhood around 54 and we moved into our first purchased home in '55. Our families were friends and we still got together for the occasional family dinner and sleep overs. When I moved to Olympia in '61, we still wrote and kept in touch. After marrying and having a family, we lost touch. A few years ago, when going through some Christmas cards that mom had gotten, I came across a letter from Colleen's sister, Patty, to mom letting her know that her mother had past away. I found her phone number in google and called her to get Colleen's phone number. We stayed in contact a little and then when my mom past away a couple of years we seemed to lose track again!!! Ok... I am going to get in touch with her soon!!!!! We have many fond memories!!!! Colleen had younger sister and brothers. I had older brothers. I will never forget when her brother was a baby. I had not been around a lot of babies much less male babies. Colleen's mom was changing him and he sent a fountain way up in the air, drenching her!!! I laughed until I cried over that! Having been there done that now, it is not quite as funny! LOL By the way, I am on the left and Colleen is on the right. Either we were very large children, or that pool is very small! I am betting on the later! haha!

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That is such a precious picture!