Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I am going to get organized and STAY there!

OK, I admit it. I don't have the most organized home in the world. I can be a leader and organize groups in having a bazaar, in community activities. When my kids were home, I could get them to their activities and appointments, our church activities and manage to do what needed to be done for the day. But when it comes to home.... well, let's say that I am collecting the pictures to prove it! lol And most of the disorganization comes from not having created a place to keep it! Believe me I am changing that. THROW out what isn't truly needed (declutter), create a place for everything and label!!!! So I am taking a very exciting challenge. The Organising Queens August Declutter Challenge!

Every week, I am going to be posting at least one picture of my areas of improvement. I have already started taking the before pictures. Oh.. I just thought of one more... the spare bedroom bed... where all my over flow that I haven't gotten around to taking care of is stashed... (shhhhh, don't tell anyone!!)

Hop over and check out The Organising Queen's blog! I am sure that there is something for everyone there, from those of you with little clutter to those of you with lots of clutter! Maybe some of my crafting friends would like to take the challenge!!!


Ginger said...

This is wonderful so happy ypur posting this to get organized hmm my craft room could use some help.I'll be back over here hopping over to see what going on brb. hugs ginger

Kim's Mom said...

I'm looking forward to reading about your progress.

This is something I could sure use, just not sure I'm up to the challenge! LOL Maybe after I recover from all the activity the last couple weeks... ;-)

Diane said...

My spare bedroom too is a the dumping ground . If you dont tell anyone I wont either.
I started today by taking out some clothing we needed to go through. Small start but I am giving away 2 bags of clothing. A little more than 7 pieces but I am really going to try and do more than 1 a day that way the decluttering will get done.
Look forward to your after pics. Keep up the great work.
Oh btw I too have a hard time getting rid of magazines.