Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What?! No Harley Pictures?!

One of my board friends asked me after viewing my blog, "What? No Harley pictures?" lol. Guess she knows who I am! The initials "HD" in my screenname stand for Harley Davidson! I really was working to get there, just hadn't decided which picture to start with! So I think this one will do. This is "The Green Hornet" our Electra Glide and our Golden, keeping guard over it! I first got on a Harley with my husband in March of 1998. I had never been on a motorcycle before and yes, I was afraid! This is not the bike that we had at first. Our first Harley was a beautiful red Dyna Wide Glide with a postage size passenger seat! I got on that tiny seat with my much larger behind and held on. We drove out of the driveway onto the street and made it up to Military Rd and turned south. I hung on. Doug kept is pretty much at the speed limit. I was wearing jeans, a sweat shirt, a light weight jacket, socks and tennis shoes. I took a deep breath and I kept my mouth shut. (oh, I did have on a helmet! Law in Washington state) I liked it! I mean, I REALLY liked it. I still had a bit of a fear. Not of the way Doug was driving but from the other people on the roads. You know the ones that don't see motorcycles, the ones that are on the cell phones, the ones that.. well, you know! I held on tight. Then a little less tight. By the time we got to Edgewood and the end of Military road, we turned left on to Meridian. I knew I was hooked. I had said a few prayers on the back of that bike (and believe me, I STILL do.) I came to the conclusion that if it was my time, it was my time. And that the Lord didn't need me to be on OR off a motorcycle if it was my time. So I relaxed, sat back and went for the best ride of my life! Safety is not the absence of danger, it is the presence of the Lord. I am not a stereotype "bikerchick!" We have several good friends that we enjoy riding with and have made more friends along the journey.


kristina said...

What a Dog!!!

HDMac said...

LOL. For those of you reading my comments. Kristina is my daughter with my oldest grandchild and now my youngest grandchild! :)