Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I am so HONORED! Thank you, Crafty Sue!

I am so excited! Crafty Sue of Crafty Sue's Blogspot has awarded me with these awards for my blog! I know this crafting friend from the Craftsayings message board where she has shared many ideas and helped many a poster with poems and crafts and ideas! Thank you, I truly feel blessed to be given these awards! Part of the joys of receiving these awards is to pass them on to someone else, so that is my next step! I want to honor my friend Connie at Boondock Babble, a stay at home mom who homeschools and is involved in crafts and gardening and making every life experience a lesson for her kids! I love reading her blog and her writing often makes me feel like I am right there along with her in the experience. I would also like to nominate Skylar Clark's Baby Blog , when you visit, you will know why. It is just precious! I do not know this family. I actually found this blog by clicking on the NEXT BLOG button at the top of the page! However, I am impressed with this young family and their desire to raise their children in a God centered home! Patty at Gifts that Say Wow you, too! I enjoy your blog with a variety of gifts and fresh ideas! And last but certainly not least is Lori Jean of Happy Bird's Crafting Haven. Lori Jean has been an inspiration to me for a long while on the craftsayings board and as we got to know one another. She really inspired me thru her blog to create my own! She always has crafty ideas for affordable gift giving, a helping hand and a heart of gold. I am happy to call Lori Jean my friend and sister in Christ.

Ok... so now here are the rules!
Now you can grant these awards to others following these rules:
A) you must mention the person who granted you these awards including their blog link on your blog
B) post the award images on your blog,
C) nominate the blogs and persons you want to award with their relative links giving your motivation,
and last but not least send a message to the nominated bloggers to let them know they have received these awards and explain they can grant these awards to other bloggers as long as they follow these rules.

Again, I just want to say thank you to Crafty Sue for feeling that my blog was worthy of this award!!! And to those that are the recipients of the award through me, I appreciate our bonds that make us viritual friends!


Crafty Sue said...

I am happy and honoured to have passed this award to you. I am sure your choice of worthy bloggers will be a good one.
God Bless you!

Kim's Mom said...

Thank you, Marcia! I am truly honored! Is the first one mine?

I think I know how to post it on my blog. If not, I'll be back for a tutorial! LOL

I'll also be checking out Crafty Sue's blog, as well as my fellow recipients blogs!

HappyBird said...

Oh, how sweet of you! Marica, is the last award mine? Thank you so much for all you kind words! You have done so well on your blog. You should be very proud of yourself! :o) Blessing to you always!

Ginger said...

Im so happy you got these awards you have worked so hard. Love coming here and looking.
hugs ginger(lovestodream)