Monday, July 28, 2008

What is your FIRST childhood memory?

A local radio station (KMPS) personality, has this question as their signature question. Whenever they do an interview they always ask this question and then try to relate that to this person in the present. This is a picture of my mom, my two brothers and me in front of our duplex in Lincoln, Nebraska in early 1954. I remember living in this home. I believe that my first memory is of being put to bed for my afternoon nap, which I didn't want to take! I wiggled and I squirmed and I gazed out the window and when I thought I had been up there long enough to have taken a nap (remember that I can't tell time yet!) I walked down the stairs ALL smiles. Mom was in the living room ironing. Yes, Mommy, I am awake from my nap. Did you sleep? Yes, mommy! LOL... I got to stay up but I didn't fool her one little bit! I remember cutting my hand on the glass from the door of the adjoining duplex. I remember being the flower girl for that same neighbor's daughter's wedding. I remember that we got locked out of the house and dad had to break a window in the garage to get into the house. I do remember being in my best friend's entry next door and seeing her grandma's sitting there, thinking that I was in the wrong house! (we often just walked into each other's homes!!!!) I remember the stone steps in front of this house. However, I do not remember falling down those steps, which created a permanent bump in my upper lip. I remember that a couple blocks down the street had islands in the middle of the streets with big trees. If the radio station heard that first memory, they would probably say I was eager to participate in the world! That was probably true. I was eager to get out and enjoy the world! What is the earliest childhood memory that you can recall?


Ginger said...

Not sure what age i was i think four i went to all the houses i could walk to and told them i was having a birthday so many kids showed up that my mother was shocked lol she didn't get mad just welcomed all my new friends in the back yard. i had a great birthday party lol life in S.Calif.
hugs ginger

Kim's Mom said...

Neat entry! I really enjoyed reading about your memories. Some remeinded me of when I was young, other's of when my oldest two were young. LOL

My very first childhood memory was when I was 3 yrs old, and I was being tucked in to my Grandma's bed. I was staying the night as my little sister was being born.

This is such a vague memory for me that a couple years ago I asked my Mother about it, as I wasn't sure if it was real or a dream. She informed me that it was a real memory. It amazes me that I have a memory from so far back, especially considering how difficult it can be for me to remember what it was I was planning to do 5 minutes ago! LOL!