Saturday, July 19, 2008

It isn't the Destination, it is the journey along the way.

Do you know what this picture is? It is my spice cabinet - taken 5 minutes ago. I should have taken a before picture! (I know this started out as a craft blog and believe me I am all about crafts. We will continue there too! Harley riders have a saying - "It isn't the destination. It is the journey along the way." When we ride we don't take the fastest route, we take the most scenic, fascinating road we can take. I hope this is the journey for my blog. It is me - even at 50+ transforming like a butterfly and taking my friends and family with me! ) So back to my cupboard. It was a mess! and I could never find anything. My friend came over a while back and needed a Tablespoon of something. I was embarrassed to even open up the cupboard and try to find it! haha. Fortunately that time I found it right off the bat! By the way, her mother in law sells Tupperware. What do you think she has organizing HER cupboards?!!! lol I have been a little tired in my journey. Tired of the mess in the cupboards. Tired of the mess in my craft room (affectionately called the "crap" room by my dgd and I - and DH has put up a sign "Condemned by management!") Tired of the pile and mess here at the computer. Tired of hanging on to things because I don't want to throw them out!!! So I am taking a new journey with the Good Lord's help and getting this place organized. I have been enjoying reading some tips on organizing and I am ready to put things back together. (Believe me before we moved into this house things were much more organized! ) So dgd and I took a trip to the $ store today in a hunt for these storage trays. Guess what? They didn't have any!!!! So decided to tackle Walmart even though I don't like going there unless it is early in the morning. (I am not typical - I don't like shopping) And what a bargain I found there! the smallest size was 4 for $.75, the narrow size was 3 for $.75 and 2 for $.75. I was delighted! Stored up on them because I am going to be organizing my drawers, my cupboards everything. So home it was to work on my spice cabinet. I hate telling you that I found outdated spices, duplicates (which if they weren't outdated I put in a sack to send home with dgd for her mom.) What I had in there was a LOT. What I put back in there was less but it does take up a bit more room, however, I can FIND things! I am going to have my grand- daughter print up some labels to put on the storage trays so that I know which one to grab. So that is part of my journey today. I am going to work in the office a bit and then I want to get back to those 4X4 tile coasters so that I can share those with you!

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Kim's Mom said...

Great tips! I get so frustrated when I go searching for spice, or other ingresient I just know I have, ending up looking through so many little jars, sometimes finding duplicates, other times finding near empty or worse (because I hate waste)expired bottles of what I'm in need of.

Of course now that I've read this, I have one more thing to add to "the list" LOL