Saturday, July 12, 2008

Two blankets for my granddaughter

Here are two of the blankets that I made for Kayden. The pink one has 3 burp towels to go with it. Our grandma used to make us flannel blankets for all our babies when they were born. They were simple blankets and we appreciated them so very much. Hers did not have the satin binding. I don't think mine will any more either! It was just difficult to make a nice mitered corner! Now maybe if I just put the satin on the top and bottom. That is what I am thinking from now on. The burp towels are just 15 x 17 in flannel double sided. My blankets are very simple. I rotary cut them to be 36" wide and then the width of the fabric. Carefully pin the batting between the 2 coordinating fabrics... pin, pin, pin!!! On the pink one I used the stripes as guides and zig zagged down from edge to edge to secure the batting no more than 6 " apart. I then bound with the satin. On the purple princess blanket, I tied it with 6 strands of embroidery thread at about 4" intervals. Then bound it. The dog blanket has a striped backing so I again zig zagged down the appropriate stripes. I bound it with the cotton/poly quilt binding and the corners are MUCH nicer on it. :) If you actually click on the pictures, it will put the pictures in a different window and you will actually be able to see the pattern of the fabrics.

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