Saturday, July 26, 2008

Beach bags that I have completed

Here are 2 of the beach bags (click on the picture to get a larger view that will show more detail.) that I just finished. I had difficulty finding the 2 1/4 " ribbon at our local JoAnn's, so I purchased some online. I made up 1 bag (blue not shown) with 1 1/2" ribbon and I was not happy with it. I think I will just keep it for a storage bag in my craft room. The lavender one here is for 6 year old granddaughter. The blue with the tweety bird ribbon is for one of my grandsons. They do make up very easy. To lay the ribbon out, I used my large cutting mat so that I could keep the ribbon centered and tried to have an equal amount at each end. Now I am having trouble finding enough purse handles! That also seems to be the most expensive part of the bags also. I am going on an internet search for those to see if I can find them online also. I have a clear plastic one that I am going to put on the bag I am making for a friend but that one was $9.99!! Yikes! And I think I like that one best! haha. I used an oval bamboo handle on the lavendar bag, I think that I am going to change that out and stick with the 6" circle. When I finish that friend's bag I will post it also.
UPDATE: Here are two more! the black one for my friend and the pink for another granddaughter. Click on pic for more detail.


Crafty Sue said...

Those are really cute, you've done a great job on those bags.

Anonymous said...

These are cute!

When I was at the Doallr store I saw some purses with the round handle thingees. Maybe you could find some in such a store near you? Maybe they'll work?