Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Is it time to go green?

I can't stand grocery store bags. The plastic slides open and all your goods fall out all over in the car PLUS they can only pack a few things in them! How often do I go to the store and get 10 items only to have 5 or MORE plastic bags!!! Paper holds more but have had them rip open on me more times than I can count on a good day! lol Usually I get paper in plastic which works as a reinforcement. And now they charge us for the bags! Gotta get busy and make some market bags.It's not that I don't HAVE a couple of the store bought market bags with grocery store logos, but #1 they aren't attractive. #2 I use them take them in the house and don't take them back to the car. :( If they were more attractive, maybe I would! I found a very good site that has links for a BUNCH of different ones to make. This will be a good way to use up some leftover/stashed material. And if I don't have enough of that then the $2 a yard sections at JoAnn's and the one Walmart that I know still has fabric! :) Click here for list of patterns

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Kim's Mom said...

Excellent! I haven't purchased any of the grocery provided bags,partially because most of them really don't look all that strong, and also because we tend to shop at more than one store, and would feel a bit odd bagging my groceries at Albertson's with a bag from Safeway...LOL
Plenty of choices at this site, and I've got plenty of old clothing, including denim that I figure would make for some great durable bags. Thank you!