Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rose Graham Douglas King

This is me with my dad and my grandmother, his mom, Rose Graham Douglas King. My girlfriend, Colleen, who lived next door had both her grandmothers living close and they visited often. Mom tells me that when we would go to the store and I would see a gray haired lady, I would ask "Is that my grandma?" There was nothing shy about me in those days what so ever! I never knew my grandma well. My cousin and my daughter have done some geneology and from what they have uncovered, I do not believe that grandma had an easy life. Unbeknownst to us, Grandma was one quarter Native American! I don't even know if my dad knew that! In her days of growing up, I don't think that was always an easy heritage to have. She lost my grandpa when he was in his early forties, leaving her with one daughter still at home to raise. So I never knew my paternal grandfather, only the wonderful things that my dad had to say about him. I only remember seeing my grandma a few times, the last time when we took a train ride to visit her in Galesburg, Illinois, before moving from Lincoln to Olympia. I think that I spent most of my time with my Aunt Rosemary and helped her bake cookies. I really enjoyed that time. Grandma wasn't a touchy, feely grandma. I really don't even remember seeing her smile. I never received a letter or a card from her. And I do believe that she was a very stern woman who spoke her mind. What I do remember though is seeing grandma reading her Bible. She was a Southern Baptist. Whether grandma always showed compassion or not, really doesn't concern me at this point. Even if grandma wasn't the most affectionate person, I do believe that she prayed for me and it is more than likely in part because of those prayers that I did come to know Christ. Grandma passed away on July 4, 1970. I was expecting my first baby and we were at the ocean clam digging that weekend. I will see my grandma again! And she will be a new creation and you know what? So will I! I am sure that grandma tried her best.

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Crafty Sue said...

This is so touching and you must be a very nice person. I am happy you write so much about your childhood memories , it enriches your blog.
Keep it up.